The Birthday Wish

I’m reading a fiction book titled, Three Wishes.  The main character, hit by a car, has a ‘out of body’ experience while surgery is being performed.  She meets up with a very bright, very warm presence and is given three wishes, and then she is returned to her body.  From there, the bulk of the story is about how she uses the three wishes.  I’ve thought of wishes this week as I celebrated my 62nd birthday, a ‘virtual’ experience. For the first time in my 62 years, we are in a worldwide ‘shutdown.’ As I’m entering my 63rd journey around the sun, I’m wondering what it will look like.  Given all the instability around me, I find myself asking the question, “how would I use 3 wishes if they were granted to me? “

What I See

I’m a big picture person, so often I like to take an ‘eagle’ view of what is going on.  From an eagle view, it feels as if the world is taking a pause moment, sighing a collective breath, and having a bit of a breakdown!  I’ve experienced this in my own life. When there’s a lot of stress, I’m not taking care of myself, and the chaos reaches a boiling point, I’m in breakdown.  I need a ‘pause’ moment!  It is in my pause moments, that I become acutely aware of my contribution to my own chaos. How I’ll respond to that awareness, well, that’s totally within my control.

So, as the world takes a pause moment.  What are we, as caretakers, becoming aware of?  How have we contributed to this breakdown? Most importantly, how will we respond?  Tough questions, I know.  I believe that we are being given an opportunity to shift.  To become more aware of our individual lives, our communities, our world.  We are so connected that a virus that begins in China can exponentially cover the world in a 3-4 month period, without preference to power, race, religion, etc.

A Wish, An Intent

Circling back to my question, “how would I use 3 wishes if they were granted to me? “

I believe my first wish would be:

That humanity would take care of its Relationships.  In just over a week, I’ve seen parents and kids enjoying each other on a whole different level, I’ve experienced and witnessed more friend and family communication, I’ve greeted and been greeted by people in the community out walking (even if just a head nod-a recognition of each others presence,) I’ve heard stories of kindness and care demonstrated by one human being to another…….my wish is that this continues.

My second wish would be:

That humanity would take care of its Environment. Disease has a way of opening our eyes to how much we need to care for the resources around us.  On my walks, I see garbage on the paths, in the woods, and streets.  It makes me wonder when we became so entitled to this earth.  We have made great strides in cutting down on pollution, etc. however consumption and waste is still prevalent.  I wish we would regard our environment with deep respect as it holds our lives and hopefully the lives of generations to come.

My third wish would be:

I wish that each human being would take a ‘pause’, breathe deeply, and look at their own life.  Get curious about what may need care and attention in your life.  The most powerful, impactful change happens one person at a time. If we empowered ourselves to take care of whats been given us, our strengths, our abilities, our essence, and share from a place of care, we help others feel more empowered to do the same.

My intention is to enter my 63rd year with a perspective of ‘taking care.’  Taking care of relationships, my environment and myself.  I promise to share what I learn along the way!  By the way, in the book all three wishes were granted of course.  However, not in the way the character expected.  And isn’t that the way it is in life – we usually manifest our intentions; however, the journey may not look anything like what we envisioned.

The Birthday Wish: Give Care and Take Care……enjoy your journey around the sun!





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