CoachLife College is based on the belief that there are many ways to learn! The Online platform allows for self-paced learning, recognizing that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Participants will learn a new way of looking at their lives by applying new ways of looking at themselves in specific CoachLife Modules. Powerful in its 5-step framework, each module is grounded in the art of science of coaching, leadership and relationship development.

Our CoachLife Series is designed to Empower!

Empower Self

Empower Relationship

Empower Others

Our power packed PCLA®

5C Method will guide you to a higher level of relating!


Get Clear on Values, Beliefs, Perspectives. Establish agreements, trust and learn how to be present.


When the storm of conflict comes in the form of difference, how do we connect to what we established in Communication?


Leaning into the calm after the storm, this is the time we get clear on Commitment and how to honor what we are committed to.


There can be power or pressure in the collective force! Learn how to effectively collaborate and empower others to grow and develop.


This is the culmination of all your hard work! Integration and transformation have occurred and it is not time to celebrate before your next journey.