Just Checking In

Just Checking In!

Three simple words. They carry a message of; I care, I see you, I’m acknowledging the importance of our relationship.  In the coaching world, we are taught to ‘check in’ periodically in the coaching session as well as throughout the coaching engagement to make sure that we are working toward what the client wants.  What a great practice and one I offer to anyone in business.  Checking in with your customers, clients and past clients is a great way to take a pulse on meeting the needs of the relationship.

Given the current pandemic, I find myself ‘checking in’ much more intentionally with family, friends, clients and co-workers to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.   It’s also a time for us to express the anger, fear, anxiety and isolation that we are all experiencing.   The thing is, ‘check in’ conversations don’t just need to be in time of crises.  And they don’t necessarily need to be deep or long.   Sometimes less is more!  What’s powerful about the ‘check in’ is the intent and the acknowledgment of the relationship.   It isn’t about having something profound to say-it’s more about how you listen.  Calling and saying, “Hey, just checking in-how is everyone doing?” opens the conversation for you to be an attentive listener.

Our universal ‘pause’ moment is giving us the opportunity to ‘check in’ and listen.  Shifts and change will happen as a result of the pandemic, so our needs and wants may also be shifting.  This is a great time to ‘check-in’ with ‘self’ as a matter of practice.   Being intentional and asking yourself the question, “In this moment in time, what do I need/want?” will keep you open to moving through change purposefully.

There is so much right now that is out of our control.  What is in our control is how we choose to be with ourselves and others during crises.  More than ever we need to give and receive support.  Use the time you’d be using to commute (for some that could be an hour or two a day!) to check-in! A powerful, purposeful way to stay connected.

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