It’s All a Matter of Perspective

How many times have I heard this line in my life? And truer words were never spoken! I am a pretty open person and yet, I too fall into perspectives that keep me closed to possible opportunities.

Now that I have become more aware of the power of choice in perspective, I am living my life differently. Today I am experiencing working in a completely different perspective. Instead of the perspective of an ‘8 hour workday in my office checking off my ‘to do’ list,’ (routine) I decided to take my office mobile. (a change) I did this because I’m feeling ‘stuck’ and movement always opens space for me. I packed a backpack for the day with my mac air, and lunch and hopped onto my bike!

I am currently sitting at Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton which is part of my old ‘stomping grounds’. I appreciate the warm breeze, listening to the weeping willows blow in the breeze, the bull frogs calling out and numerous birds in chorus. I can use my i-phone for a hot spot if I need internet access and away I go……working, playing, being inspired.

Going from a point of view of staying committed to the ‘routine’ to a perspective of ‘create an adventure’ also helped me to challenge myself to entertain other perspectives around my ‘stuck-ness.’ Such as, “I’m not stuck-I’m simmering.”

I have often asked myself, ‘what creates this stuck-ness in perspective? Of course, I come up with a number of brilliant answers, however, for me it is all about certainty. I love my certainty! If I’m certain about something, I feel safe-I know what I can count on. However my experience has shown me that little in life is 100% ‘certain.’ Trying to make things ‘certain’ if futile and more importantly, if everything is certain in our lives, where is the joy of discovery (which is not just meant for children).

So as I am on this journey, I’m discovering that when I expand my way of thinking, look at my life with curiosity, and explore new perspectives discoveries abound. The prairie path I took today I have been down probably a million times over my lifetime. However, because I was not just out for the ride but was also looking for places to stop and work, I discovered some beautiful area’s ‘off road’ to stop and work-new discoveries!

Then, at one of the ‘off road’ spots another biker appeared and we started up a conversation-turns out he is a consultant doing work I am aligned with….a new alliance perhaps, or simply discovering the connection in humanity-either way, discoveries and opportunities abound!

Entertaining new perspectives is sometimes a challenge when somebody else is not there bringing in their difference of opinion (new perspective). Sometimes, I think of people in my life, or even animals, and entertain what perspective they would bring to the table on this topic. I know if I had asked my dog Toby what to do when I got stuck-he would say, “Let’s go for a walk, please, please, please!!!” and you know, that would certainly open the space for me and help me to embrace a new perspective!

At one time or another we all experience a feeling of ‘stuck-ness’ whether it is mental, emotional or physical. Entertaining different perspectives affords you more possibility and opportunity. Empowering yourself to choose which perspective you want to create from will give you complete ownership of your direction!

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