Growth And Development


Mastery Coaching focuses on supporting your business and life goals.  Learn how to use a 5-step method to self-mastery which translates into higher performance!  We will explore your strengths, potential blind spots and current challenges that may be roadblocks to your success.

Shawn Preuss, Master Certified Coach,  coaches brokers to become top producers, develop high performing teams, learn how to leverage for work/life integration and build sustainable businesses since 2006!

If you want clarity on next steps, strategies that build momentum, and energy to actually enjoy your business and life, then Mastery Coaching is for you!

12 Month, 6 Month and Session Packages Available

Visual brainstorming


RAP Sessions are an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the past quarters business goals, objectives and results.
  • Assess what your experience and results are teaching you. 
  • Plan what adjustments are needed and create the plan for the next quarter. 

Once a quarter for 3 hours, RAP sessions are POWERFUL strategy sessions that focus on using a 12 week plan to reach your annual business/life goals. If you want to stay motivated, build momentum each quarter and create sustainability in your pipeline, then sign up for a RAP Session package.

12 Month and Session Packages Available.

Team meeting


High Potential Teams are coached in the 5 proven phases of team process: Communication, Connection, Commitment, Collaboration and Celebration. Learn how to leverage the team’s collective strengths using a strengths based model.  Discover key leadership and coaching skills used to lead a highly effective, thriving, and top producing team!

Shawn Preuss has over 40 years in developing and leading high performing teams and leaders and has developed a framework for coaching your team to its greatest potential.

This program is great for teams with 3 or more members.

12 month and 6 month packages available.


Get a group of brokers together in your brokerage to get the benefits of coaching while managing costs! We offer two programs for real estate brokers:


KickStart helps you to focus on what’s really important for you get your business into high gear! We look at the most pressing topics that brokers bring to the table: Lead Generation, Systems and Processes, Time Management, and much more! KickStart is a quarterly coaching program that runs for 6 sessions. We will meet twice a month for 1.5 hours.

REAL RESULTS (RealEstateAcceleratedLeaders)

REAL RESULTS is a group coaching program for emergent leaders that want to accelerate, activate and be held accountable to the best practices in the profession! REAL RESULTS is not for the faint hearted as you will be challenged to take your business and leadership to the next level. We will meet once a month for 2 hours, first looking through the lens of YOU as Leader, then Leading Others (Clients, Alliances, Peers,) and finally, Leading in Community. Get a group of like-minded professionals together in your office for this powerful coaching program. You will walk away with a renewed sense of commitment to your business and profession.

Group Coaching