About Our Services

PCLA Coach Training Programs help you to develop coaching as a leadership style. We offer 3 options of coach training, customized to your organization to meet your unique needs for culture change. Complimented by distinct programs, workshops, seminars, retreats and coaching PCLA is your one stop shop for enhanced employee engagement.

Who We Serve

Corporations, Organizations and Businesses seeking internal coaching and leadership development resulting in a culture shift.

What Can We Expect to Learn?

• To have a full understanding of the stages of relationship development and how to navigate a relationship system.

• To be well versed in the International Coach Federation Coaching Core Competencies and Ethical Practices and to have an understanding of application in the coaching relationship.

• To understand and be able to apply the five-core leadership practices in combination with the ICF Core Competencies to support a coaching culture, employee engagement and transformative growth.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost of programs and payment plans are dependent on the design specific to the organization we are contracting with. Please contact us for an RFP.

Benefits of Coaching and Coaching Programs

There are many benefits to a CoachLeader approach. According to an ICF Global Coaching Client Study, following are benefits seen by coaching clients, and can extend to your organization by implementing an internal coaching structure:

Increased Productivity – professional coaching maximizes potential and unlocks untapped sources of productivity.

  • 70% of coaching participants saw improved work performance
  • 61% of coaching participants saw improved business management
  • 51% of organizations saw improved team effectiveness

Positive People – coaching increases the self-confidence of employees when facing challenges.

  • 73% of coaching participants benefitted from improved relationships
  • 72% of coaching participants benefitted from improved communication skills

Return on Investment – Hudson Institute of Coaching1
Through coaching, you’re not just growing your workforce, but your business too.  By investing in internal coach training you’ll promote and strengthen your commitment to develop your employees, building a culture of coaching throughout your organization.

  • The mean ROI for companies investing in coaches was 7 times the initial investing
  • 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment
  • 60% of organizations are experiencing a leadership shortage

1ICF Global Coaching Client Study 2009 with PwC; 2012 survey by the Corporate Executive Board.