The Game of Stability and Risk

Some people are more risk averse than others. I think I’m middle of the road. I’ve taken risks most of my life, some small, some not so small. Behind all the risks I’ve taken is a deep motivation for change, for knowing or feeling that a change is needed. There have also been times when […]

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

How many times have I heard this line in my life? And truer words were never spoken! I am a pretty open person and yet, I too fall into perspectives that keep me closed to possible opportunities. Now that I have become more aware of the power of choice in perspective, I am living my […]

Set Intention…..and Then Pay Attention!

I really learned about setting intention as an athlete. Sure, as athletes we establish goals to achieve a new skill, new score, new win. However, the ‘process’ of being an athlete took more than just knowing what skill I needed to learn. I discovered 90% of being an athlete happened in my mind. This is […]