DISCOVER We are entering the 2nd quarter of the year!  How are you doing focusing on your priorities?  Often times my clients are discovering that even though they say ‘this or that’ is a priority, life happens, and reality shows them otherwise.  It is an eye opener when we realize that our desired priorities, those […]


Puzzle Pieces of Life and Work

It took me about 3 months to complete the above puzzle.  1000 small pieces!  There were evenings I was obsessed with finding the next piece-a futile practice at times. While I was working diligently, I also observed myself ‘in process.’  The act of putting together a puzzle holds life and business lessons we can learn […]


Not Another Decision!

Recently one of my coaching clients used the term ‘decision fatigue’ to describe how he was feeling, and boy did it hit a nerve!  It seems to me, the higher the uncertainty, the more energy it takes to make decisions.  Being a decisive person, I’ve found myself over the past year ‘suspending’ many decisions.  Why?  […]

Learning from the Master to Being a Master

“If you never copy best practices, you’ll have to repeat all the mistakes yourself. If you only copy best practices, you’ll always be one step behind the leaders.” James Clear I recently participated in an 8-day Meditation Retreat.  What a commitment!  The unique methodology of this particular program is to point the way, breaking down […]


Resisting Your New Norm

Resistance-What you resist, persists.  Sometimes that quote just plain irritates me.    The irritation is because it’s so profound in its simplicity.  What isn’t simple is the work behind NOT resisting.  Resistance is the first step in change, as I’ve discovered and, resistance can show up in many ways.   I’m going to talk about three […]

Letting go

How Letting Go Leads to Better Self Awareness

I’m often asked, “yeah, but how do I really let go?” The million-dollar question!  The simple answer, It’s a decision.  The long answer, long meaning over time, is to learn how to explore your own beliefs, assumptions, values, biases, attachments, experiences and perspectives.  Hidden somewhere is one of those is the root to your pain.  […]


Mindful Planning in a Pandemic

Restlessness use to me my middle name!  I was always running to the next challenge, idea or crises!  In a positive light, it supported my constant improvement and achievement.  In a negative shadow, it created an incredible amount of chaos in my life and exhausted me.   I would probably still be somewhat lost in […]


5 Critical R’s to End & Begin with a Positive Perspective

Letting go of 2020 and Welcoming 2021 Year 2020, a culmination of many disruptors and a ‘world tsunami’ (pandemic) that has left many fatigued and surviving.  I think we can all agree that the year has been extremely challenging.  And with challenge comes deep learning, shifting and creating new ways of being.   We are […]