How Will You Play the Game?

Recently I watched a clip of a tennis match on LinkedIn.  I re-shared the clip because it was an amazing display of not giving up, giving in, or quitting.  I watched it over and over because I thought it was unbelievable how the one player kept the other player (I believe it was Andy Roddick) […]

From Survival to Surthrival!

Is your culture in survival mode?  Everyone is just ‘getting through’ the work relationships because the idea of creating a culture shift is just too overwhelming?  If you think about it, culture is really about relationships.  Most of us have experienced relationships where we have created both miracles and messes!  Navigating the messes (survival) while […]

When’s the Last Time You Updated YOUR Operating System?

Don’t you wish sometimes you could get a notification letting you know it’s time for a system update on YOU? Or that you could get all the current ‘fixes’ for the bugs that get in the way of fulfilled living? Or a security update to protect YOU from being vulnerable to hackers, viruses and threats; […]

Creating Your ‘Starbucks’ Experience: 4 Area’s to Define Your Unique Work Experience.

When I think of ‘Creating an Experience’ I think of Starbucks, a company that sells coffee. However, Starbucks does not just sell coffee, do they? Starbucks is a company that created an ‘experience’ of coffee. So much so, that many coffee companies followed suit in creating aesthetic and service ‘experiences’ that left the costumer wanting […]

The Mind of Invictus

I recently re-watched the movie Invictus, a story about Nelson Mandela. The word invictus means “unconquerable” or “undefeated.” The movie recalled a poem by William Henley, also called “Invictus,” that Henley wrote from his hospital bed while suffering from tuberculosis and recovering from having his foot amputated. The poem is about courage in the face […]

A Mentor Who Loves Mentoring

Through sport, I learned the value of having focus, having a goal I wanted to achieve. I took that learning into my life and business. In my business, goals became my ‘game of competition.’ I was competing against the goal I set. Who would win? In setting goals, I often overextended, got lost in my […]

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

How many times have I heard this line in my life? And truer words were never spoken! I am a pretty open person and yet, I too fall into perspectives that keep me closed to possible opportunities. Now that I have become more aware of the power of choice in perspective, I am living my […]

Navigating the Storms in Relationship

Bruce Tuckman identified five stages in team development; Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning [My word is Transforming!]. The Forming stage, I like to call the Honeymoon stage of relationship development where all we see is the good, the sameness in each other. We want proof that we made the right choice, right hire, etc. At […]