Letting go

How Letting Go Leads to Better Self Awareness

I’m often asked, “yeah, but how do I really let go?” The million-dollar question!  The simple answer, It’s a decision.  The long answer, long meaning over time, is to learn how to explore your own beliefs, assumptions, values, biases, attachments, experiences and perspectives.  Hidden somewhere is one of those is the root to your pain.  […]


Mindful Planning in a Pandemic

Restlessness use to me my middle name!  I was always running to the next challenge, idea or crises!  In a positive light, it supported my constant improvement and achievement.  In a negative shadow, it created an incredible amount of chaos in my life and exhausted me.   I would probably still be somewhat lost in […]


5 Critical R’s to End & Begin with a Positive Perspective

Letting go of 2020 and Welcoming 2021 Year 2020, a culmination of many disruptors and a ‘world tsunami’ (pandemic) that has left many fatigued and surviving.  I think we can all agree that the year has been extremely challenging.  And with challenge comes deep learning, shifting and creating new ways of being.   We are […]


Designing Your Ideal Routine is Critical for Sustainable Change

In the sport of gymnastics, gymnasts perform routines.  The routines consist of skills that the gymnast receives a score for in competition.  In the gym however, the gymnast will ‘drill the skill’ and work toward mastering the flow of the routine.  Being able to perform that routine at its highest and best is the gymnast’s […]

Mentoring vs Coaching

Mentor Coaching vs. Coaching Supervision

What’s the difference between Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision? In my years of working with coaches, I’ve been asked this question often, so I thought I would clarify the two.  While this reading may be a ‘bit dry’, hopefully it will help you to understand the definitions and differences as laid out by the International […]

Colorado Rockies


I love hiking!  Last summer I hiked a number of trails in Colorado.  My favorite, although hard to choose, was the American Trail outside of Aspen.  Aspen forests, pine forests, open prairie, rock terrain, this trail had it all and climaxed at the top with a beautifully serene aquamarine lake.  The hike was about 6 […]

Just Checking In

Just Checking In!

Three simple words. They carry a message of; I care, I see you, I’m acknowledging the importance of our relationship.  In the coaching world, we are taught to ‘check in’ periodically in the coaching session as well as throughout the coaching engagement to make sure that we are working toward what the client wants.  What […]