Mountainous Musings…..Unplugged and Untethered

My happy place is very specific-the Colorado Rockies. I lived in Colorado for a short 3-year period as a youth and try to get back as often as I can. This trip I had the opportunity to spend 8 wonderful days hiking and taking in the Colorado Rockies. The trip was amazing and caused me […]

From Survival to Surthrival!

Is your culture in survival mode?  Everyone is just ‘getting through’ the work relationships because the idea of creating a culture shift is just too overwhelming?  If you think about it, culture is really about relationships.  Most of us have experienced relationships where we have created both miracles and messes!  Navigating the messes (survival) while […]

Breakdown to Breakthrough to What’s Next

Last month, I shared how: having a positive support system, doing a healthy ‘clearing,’ and seeking wise counsel will support you in moving through a breakdown.  Getting to the other side of breakdown is a breakthrough to deeper understanding of yourself or the situation.  Even in that awareness and understanding, it may be difficult to […]

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Change can often be the catalyst to breakdowns before we breakthrough to the change we are trying to create.   When I coach, I help clients break down problems to get to the root cause.  The breakdown allows for a breakthrough in coming up with solutions.   Years ago coaching gymnastics, when a gymnast was struggling with […]

Culture Lessons From a 7-Year-Old Cyclist

Not long ago, I was lost in deep thought while sitting in my yard and pulling weeds, when I witnessed an incident that reflected creating culture. Two kids from the neighborhood, one about 7 and the other probably around 6, were riding bikes up and down the sidewalk. I noticed their easy conversation and ability […]

When’s the Last Time You Updated YOUR Operating System?

Don’t you wish sometimes you could get a notification letting you know it’s time for a system update on YOU? Or that you could get all the current ‘fixes’ for the bugs that get in the way of fulfilled living? Or a security update to protect YOU from being vulnerable to hackers, viruses and threats; […]

What Really Robs Us of Time and Energy!

Things that rob us of time and energy…one of the most common topics that come up in coaching! I often assess my own use of time as my ‘endless energy’ now has a definitive end-which is about 9 pm every evening! I’ve also learned over the years that I can’t manage time-time is what it […]

Creating Your ‘Starbucks’ Experience: 4 Area’s to Define Your Unique Work Experience.

When I think of ‘Creating an Experience’ I think of Starbucks, a company that sells coffee. However, Starbucks does not just sell coffee, do they? Starbucks is a company that created an ‘experience’ of coffee. So much so, that many coffee companies followed suit in creating aesthetic and service ‘experiences’ that left the costumer wanting […]