This morning as I was practicing my yoga, I was reminded that balance is all about recovery.  I would also add before you practice recovery, you need to know what balance looks like for you.  Balance is not a 50/50 proposition, especially in Real Estate!  For me, balance has more to do with showing up in my life and my work with the intent to give 100% rather than a split in time.  However, as life would have it, sometimes things happen where you just can’t give a 100%.  The week after New Year’s, my family experienced a surgery and two-family deaths.  Whoa-family was demanding all of my attention plus some. When life happens, as it will, we are thrown off balance.  And as in yoga, it’s all about recovery.  Here are 3 practices that will support a faster recovery for you.

Do-Create a structure

Sometimes we are reluctant to create structure around our day because we tell ourselves the story that Real Estate requires us to be flexible.  However, the structure actually supports our productivity and it gives us the ‘horse’ we need to get back onto when we fall off for a bit. Structure is different from time blocking as it more addresses the flow of your day rather than the specifics of your day.

Have-Know your focus point

We are taught in yoga to have a focal point, something to focus on while we bring our body into alignment.  In our business, a focal point may look like a target # of transactions, a volume goal, a service goal, a passion, anything that will take us out of the muck of the day and to our bigger purpose.  When we can focus in chaos, it helps us to make choices that align proactively with our bigger purpose and bring us back to balance.


There is a line that goes: Intention-Attention-No Tension.  What this is basically saying is if we pay attention to what we intend for our life, we will not have tension! It is a great little rhyme, however the reality is that even when we are clear on what we intend for ourselves and we pay attention, there is going to be imbalance. Running the imbalance through the question: “If I say yes to this, what will I say no to?”  is a great recovery tactic leading to balance.

I hope this helps you start the new year with some recovery tactics in your toolbox.  A great book that will support getting to your ‘focus point’ and also give you a great framework for being productive is The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington.   Check it out and reach out if you’d like a coaching to support your next steps!                                   

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