Mentor Coaching vs. Coaching Supervision

What’s the difference between Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision? In my years of working with coaches, I’ve been asked this question often, so I thought I would clarify the two.  While this reading may be a ‘bit dry’, hopefully it will help you to understand the definitions and differences as laid out by the International […]


I love hiking!  Last summer I hiked a number of trails in Colorado.  My favorite, although hard to choose, was the American Trail outside of Aspen.  Aspen forests, pine forests, open prairie, rock terrain, this trail had it all and climaxed at the top with a beautifully serene aquamarine lake.  The hike was about 6 […]

Just Checking In!

Three simple words. They carry a message of; I care, I see you, I’m acknowledging the importance of our relationship.  In the coaching world, we are taught to ‘check in’ periodically in the coaching session as well as throughout the coaching engagement to make sure that we are working toward what the client wants.  What […]

How Will You Play the Game?

Recently I watched a clip of a tennis match on LinkedIn.  I re-shared the clip because it was an amazing display of not giving up, giving in, or quitting.  I watched it over and over because I thought it was unbelievable how the one player kept the other player (I believe it was Andy Roddick) […]


This morning as I was practicing my yoga, I was reminded that balance is all about recovery.  I would also add before you practice recovery, you need to know what balance looks like for you.  Balance is not a 50/50 proposition, especially in Real Estate!  For me, balance has more to do with showing up […]

Mountainous Musings…..Unplugged and Untethered

My happy place is very specific-the Colorado Rockies. I lived in Colorado for a short 3-year period as a youth and try to get back as often as I can. This trip I had the opportunity to spend 8 wonderful days hiking and taking in the Colorado Rockies. The trip was amazing and caused me […]

From Survival to Surthrival!

Is your culture in survival mode?  Everyone is just ‘getting through’ the work relationships because the idea of creating a culture shift is just too overwhelming?  If you think about it, culture is really about relationships.  Most of us have experienced relationships where we have created both miracles and messes!  Navigating the messes (survival) while […]