Our Mission

“Meaning-full Relationships, Purpose-full Lives, Success-full Businesses.”

Why Preuss CoachLeader Academy?

Intimate. PCLA is a small group model.  Our trainings are typically 6-12 participants.  We go deeper in application to give you the opportunity to learn and grow with the feel of one on one support. 

Experiential. We follow the popular 70/10/20 Model by the Corporate Leadership Council — 70% of the learning is application!

Comprehensive. We do not teach and leave. PCLA Coach Trainers are also ICF Mentors!  We provide ongoing continuing coach education (CCE’s) and offer quarterly events to support the coaching community.

Effective. We establish a relationship with you, training, developing and supporting the  learning of coaching and leadership skills to help ensure a successful outcome.

Difference-Making. PCLA works with you to co-create the change you are seeking. You transform so you can help others in the transformation process.

Trustworthy. PCLA’s All Inclusive and Training Specific programs are ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) programs through the International Coach Federation.  Participants in these programs will have the opportunity to become credentialed coaches.

Our Guiding Principles


Relationships are a co-created, mutual alliance that serves to honor self, others, co-workers, the community at large with consideration and respect.


Purpose is where intention and commitment co-exist to serve at a high level. We are committed to your transformation.


Integrity is what we give our word to; it’s backed by action and in alignment with both our inner and outer worlds.


Creativity allows exploration of imagination, discovery of new possibilities and expression of new ways of being.


Laughter is the spice of life, bringing lightness, fun and creativity to ourselves and others in a shared life experience.


Connecting first and foremost with self-generating intuition, wisdom and emotional intelligence.

Connecting with others-generating healthy relationships.

Connecting with community-generating purpose.