About Coaching & Consulting

Coaching is designed to focus on a desire for movement toward a specific business and/or life objective. We design our coaching relationship in an initial discovery session where we have the opportunity to discuss expectations and goals. We collaboratively agree on a course of action and support. The coaching is ‘custom fit’ to you, the client. We offer a variety of tools and resources that can aid in your life or business development based on your goal set and agenda.

What Can I Expect From My Coach?

· Clarifying your vision, goals and business/life objectives

· Sharpening your focus to act and respond in a positive direction toward business/life objectives.

· Assessment of current strategies and business in order to establish a ‘custom fit’ business plan.

· Breaking down complex issues, tasks, and new skills to a level that can be re-worked and built on.

· Creating systems and structures to support the foundation you’ve laid.

· Discovering your unique process of decision making and how to leverage it.

· Learning how to use perceived ‘roadblocks’ as challenges and then creating opportunity from them.

· Developing leadership skills through analyzing current day-to-day experiences & discussing options to better lead yourself & others