5 Critical R’s to End & Begin with a Positive Perspective

Letting go of 2020 and Welcoming 2021

Year 2020, a culmination of many disruptors and a ‘world tsunami’ (pandemic) that has left many fatigued and surviving.  I think we can all agree that the year has been extremely challenging.  And with challenge comes deep learning, shifting and creating new ways of being.   We are driven to not only survive but thrive.  

I entered 2020 coming off a three-year transition period in my life that was painful and beyond exhausting.  For me, 2020 offered a much-needed pause moment, a stopping point for deep reflection.  Getting out of the noise of my life allowed me to rest, reflect deeply on what got me here and recover from my exhaustion.  

As the year progressed and I gained time back in my day from a lack of travel, I invested that time into some recreation activities I enjoy immensely.  I began to remember how valuable recreating (play) can be!  The more I allowed myself to pursue the activities that I enjoy, the more I was feeling rejuvenated.  

I’m offering these five ‘R’s’ as a way to close a year of upheaval and to enter 2021 with a new perspective.  

REST: As a self-proclaimed over-doer, this is a practice that has eluded me for years.  Rest, allowing our bodies and minds to ‘suspend’ doing and allow anxiety free being.  Resting requires relaxing into time.  The pandemic, the GREAT PAUSE, taught me how because there was so much out of my control that it drove me to what I could control which was my response to it all.  I responded with rest. Start your 2021 in a relaxed state of mind and rest a bit!  You’ll experience more flow.  

REFLECT: When I actually paused and allowed myself to reflect on the last three years, I became acutely aware of my contribution to my deep pain.  Reflecting is where DEEP learning lives.  Reflect on the challenges of 2020, take the learning and let go of the rest.  Reflect on the gifts of 2020 as well and how you can intentionally forward those gifts into 2021, (for me it will be the continued gift of rest!)

RECOVER: Recovery time is in direct proportion to what I call ‘Positive Practices.’  The more you support your self-care; body, mind and spirit, the more quickly you’ll recover when life throws you a left hook.  One of the reasons I went through a three-year period of transition is because I did not have enough positive practices in place.  Balance in life is all about recovery time.  To shorten your recovery time, establish practices that will support your well-being.  Start 2021 with one new routine/practice that will support you! 

RECREATE: The power of play is not exclusive to children! Allowing play back into my life gave me a renewed sense of joy.  The freedom of not having to get anywhere or accomplish anything other than to just be in the moment of play is a forgotten art.  Play is where flow happens.  As I allowed more play in my life this year because of added time to my day, I found myself releasing concerns and worries.  I found myself breathing. Give your inner child a reason to come out and play in 2021.  Play is one of my positive practices for quicker recovery from the stresses of life.  And it lends itself to my fifth R….

REJUVENATE: To rejuvenate is to bring a new energy, a new vitality to our experiences.  It may seem when so much is uncertain in life that allowing for a rejuvenated spirit is somewhat frivolous.  2020 has elevated uncertainty to a 10 level!  However, life is always uncertain.  More the reason to rest, reflect, recover, recreate and rejuvenate so we have the resilience to continue on.  

My hope for all of us as we step into 2021 is that we embrace the value of these five R’s and put them into practice.  As an added benefit, watch for my next blog that will introduce the sixth R that will support putting all this to practice!  

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